Bennett-Wofford et al. v. County of Lake et al. A147997 Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case TitleBennett-Wofford et al. v. County of Lake et al.
    Case NumberA147997
    Case TypeCV
    StateCalifornia, CA
    CountyAll Counties
    CourtAppellate Court
    Court Address1st Appellate District
    Field Date
    Close Date10/27/2016
  • Parties

    Pro Per
    Gail Bennett-Wofford
    Plaintiff and Appellant
    Pro Per
    Dana Wofford
    Plaintiff and Appellant
    Pro Per
    Jessica Wofford
    Plaintiff and Appellant
    Pro Per
    Kelly Rodarmel
    Plaintiff and Appellant
    Anne L. Keck
    Keck Law Offices
    418 B Street, Suite 206
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

    County of Lake
    Defendant and Respondent

    Francisco Rivero
    Defendant and Respondent

    Chris Macedo
    Defendant and Respondent

    Frank Walsh
    Defendant and Respondent

    Joseph Dutra
    Defendant and Respondent

    Dennis Keithly
    Defendant and Respondent

    Aaron Clark
    Defendant and Respondent
  • Docket (Register of Actions)
    Date Description Notes
    04/13/2016 Notice of appeal lodged/received. by Gail Bennett-Wofford, Kelly Rodarmel, Dana Wofford & Jessica Wofford, plaintiffs in propria persona filed 3-28-16
    04/13/2016 Notified parties of local rules and procedures.
    04/13/2016 Filing fee. Lake Superior Court check #3460
    04/14/2016 Civil case information statement filed. From: Appellants, Pro Per (Order Attached to CCIS)
    04/25/2016 Appellant's notice designating record on appeal filed in trial court on: Designating CT & RT filed 4/7/16
    05/24/2016 Record on appeal filed. CT 2 & RT 1
    06/30/2016 Appellant's opening brief. Plaintiff and Appellant: Gail Bennett-Wofford Pro Per
    06/30/2016 Certificate of interested entities or persons filed by: from appellant
    08/02/2016 Voice Mail message for: Respondent's counsel re: RB rejected on OnBase. Over ten pages of attachments.
    08/02/2016 Respondent's brief. Defendant and Respondent: County of Lake Attorney: Anne L. Keck
    08/02/2016 Filed document entitled: Attachments to RB.
    08/23/2016 Appellant's reply brief. Plaintiff and Appellant: Gail Bennett-Wofford Pro Per 8.25(b)(3) hard copy only
    08/23/2016 Case fully briefed.
    09/06/2016 Case on conference list. 16-9
    09/06/2016 Oral argument waiver notice sent.
    09/07/2016 Record to court for review.
    09/19/2016 Request for oral argument filed by: Gail Bennett-Wofford, appellant in pro per.
    09/20/2016 Calendar notice sent. Calendar date: October 11, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.
    10/11/2016 Cause argued and submitted. Gail Bennett-Wofford, appellant in pro per; Anne L. Keck for respondents
    10/27/2016 Opinion filed. (Signed Unpublished) The judgment is affirmed.
  • Disposition
    Description: Affirmed in full
    Date: 10/27/2016
    Status: Final The judgment is affirmed.
    Publication Status: Signed Unpublished
    Author: Pollak, Stuart R.
    Participants: McGuiness, William R. (Concur) Jenkins, Martin J. (Concur)
    Case Citation: none