COMMONWEALTH vs. MICHAEL VERGARI 2000-P-1207 Court Case Public Record

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    Case Number2000-P-1207
    Case TypeCriminal
    StateMassachusetts, MA
    CountyLowell District, MI
    CourtLowell District, MI
    Court Address
    Field Date07/02/1999
    Close Date03/15/2001
  • Parties

    James W. Sahakian, A.D.A.
    Dorothy A. Mele, Esquire Inactive Kimberly W. Lurie, Esquire Inactive
    Michael Vergari
    Pro Se Defendant/Appellant
    Entry Date Paper Entry Text
    07/24/2000 #1 Transcripts received: NONE
    07/24/2000 #2 Entered.
    08/14/2000 #3 MOTION for appointment of counsel, filed by Michael Vergari.
    08/14/2000 #4 RE#2: The motion is allowed only to the extent that counsel is appointed for screening purposes only. *Notice.
    08/14/2000 #5 Notice: CPCS to assign counsel for Michael Vergari. Assignment# C 2913995-0. (Duffly, J.) *Notice
    08/23/2000 #6 Letter of CPCS re:assignment of Atty Lurie as deft's counsel for screening only.
    10/10/2000 #7 Notice preceding dismissal: Rule 17A.
    10/13/2000 #8 Status Report filed by Michael Vergari.
    10/13/2000 RE#5 Appellate proceedings are further stayed to 11/30/00. CPCS is to file a status report on or before that date. Notice.
    11/08/2000 Letter of Atty. Lurie re: Mr. Vergari does not wish to pursue his appeal. CPCS will not be assigning counsel.
    11/08/2000 RE#6: Atty. Lurie is to inform Mr. Vergari that step 1 of Standing Order 17A has issued and that the appeal is subject to administrative dismissal. If Mr. Vergari does not wish to pursue his appeal, he should inform this court in writing. *Notice.
    11/21/2000 Letter from William Leahy (CPCS) re: after screening have decided not to appoint counsel.
    11/21/2000 RE#7 Given the within the stay is vacated & the appellant is deemed proceeding pro se. The appellant is to file the brief & appendix on or before 1/3/01. Notice.
    01/30/2001 Notice preceding dismissal: Rule 17A.
    03/01/2001 ORDER: DISMISSAL under Rule 17A.
    03/15/2001 Notice of dismissal to Trial Court: 17A. (Imaged)