DAVID M. DUTIL vs. SUPT. OF MASS. TREATMENT CENTER 2000-P-0476 Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case Number2000-P-0476
    Case TypeCivil
    StateMassachusetts, MA
    CourtNorfolk Superior Court
    Court Address
    Field Date08/02/1999
    Close Date03/13/2001
  • Parties

    Michael A. Bergeron, Esquire
    David M. Dutil
    Daniel A. Less, Esquire
    Supt. of Mass. Treatment Center
    Entry Date Paper Entry Text
    03/14/2000 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 1996-P-1687.
    08/15/2000 #2 Memo: Briefs are in Room 952, Cab. 11, Shelf 7.
    03/14/2000 #3 Entered.
    03/20/2000 #4 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by David M. Dutil.
    03/20/2000 #5 Motion to file oversize brief filed by David M. Dutil.
    03/20/2000 #6 Motion for leave to file brief, appendix and exhibits with court by means of U.S. Postal Service "standard mail B" filed by David M. Dutil.
    03/21/2000 #7 Misc. material received from David M. Dutil.
    03/21/2000 #8 RE#2: Extension to 07/31/2000 granted for filing of brief of David M. Dutil, Plaintiff/Appellant. No further enlargements. (Gelinas, J.) *Notice.
    03/21/2000 #9 RE#3 Denied. (Gelinas, J.) *Notice..
    03/21/2000 #10 RE#4: Allowed. (Gelinas, J.) *Notice.
    03/23/2000 #11 RE#5: It having been made to appear that G.L. c. 261, section 29, was improperly cited in the court's order of 2/29/00 on petitioner's motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis and without payment of fees for the reason that this appeal is from the denial of a habeas corpus petition, that order is vacated. A filing fee to docket the appeal is required, however, and this court's policy is to require payment of 10% of an inmate's available funds. A filing fee of $20 is appropriate in this case. A reimbursement check in the amount of $130 is to issue to David M. Dutil. *Notice.
    03/29/2000 #12 Motion for review of the action of a Single Justice on paper #3 with attach, filed by David M. Dutil.
    03/29/2000 #13 RE#6: Treating the within as a motion to reconsider the court's action on paper #3, it is allowed. Upon reconsideration, the court's action of 3/21/00 is to stand. *Notice.
    04/05/2000 #14 Letter from First Assistant Clerk Lima to Mr. Dutil re: refund due you in the amount of $130.00; however, social security number is required by state treasurer prior to processing your check. *Notice.
    08/04/2000 Letter from David Dutil re: Status of briefs & appendices.
    08/04/2000 RE#8 Your brief & appendix, as of this date, has not been RECEIVED by this Court. Notice.
    08/08/2000 Letter from David Dutil re: Status Report re: briefs & appendices.
    08/08/2000 RE#9 Given the situation cited herein, the time to file the appellant's brief and appendix is enlarged to 8/31/2000. *Notice.
    08/11/2000 SERVICE of brief & appendix (2 vol/7 sets) and exhibits (1 vol/5 sets) for Plaintiff/Appellant David M. Dutil.
    08/16/2000 Notice of appearance of Atty Bergeron for David M. Dutil.
    09/15/2000 MOTION to extend brief due date of Supt. of Mass. Treatment Center.
    09/15/2000 RE#12: Extension to 01/09/2001 granted for filing of brief of Supt. of Mass. Treatment Center, Defendant/Appellee. No further enlargements. *Notice.