In re Jonathan Ray Depue v. 04-17-00244-CR Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case TitleIn re Jonathan Ray Depue v.
    Case Number04-17-00244-CR
    Case TypeMandamus
    StateTexas, TX
    Court227th Judicial District Court
    Court AddressHonorable Kevin M. O''Connell
    Field Date04/19/2017
    Close Date
  • Parties

    Nicholas A. LaHood
    State of Texas
    Real party in interest
    Jonathan Ray Depue
    Depue, Jonathan Ray
    O'Connell, Kevin M.
  • Case Events
    Date Event Type Disposition Document
    04/24/2017 Petition for writ of mandamus disposed Filing is Moot
    04/24/2017 Order entered
    04/20/2017 Letter filed
    04/20/2017 Telephone inquiry to or from the court
    04/20/2017 Internal memo
    04/19/2017 Case began in court of appeals
    04/17/2017 Petition for writ of mandamus filed
  • Calendars
    Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
    04/19/2017 Status Pending action of court
    05/04/2017 Status Opinion due