Juan Sosa v. The State of Texas 04-17-00166-CR Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case TitleJuan Sosa v. The State of Texas
    Case Number04-17-00166-CR
    Case TypePoss of a Controlled Substance
    StateTexas, TX
    Court290th Judicial District Court
    Court AddressHonorable Melisa Skinner
    Field Date03/23/2017
    Close Date
  • Parties

    Nicolas LaHood
    The State of Texas
    Criminal - State of Texas
    James P. Sieloff
    Sosa, Juan
    Criminal - Appellant
  • Case Events
    Date Event Type Disposition Document
    03/24/2017 Telephone inquiry to or from the court
    03/24/2017 Clerks record filed
    03/23/2017 Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals
    03/23/2017 Case began in court of appeals
    03/20/2017 Notice of appeal filed in trial court
  • Calendars
    Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
    03/23/2017 Status Pending action of court
    03/24/2017 Status Holding