MEREK RUBIN vs. JOHN E. MURRAY, JR. & others 2009-P-0166 Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case TitleMEREK RUBIN vs. JOHN E. MURRAY, JR. & others
    Case Number2009-P-0166
    Case TypeCivil
    StateMassachusetts, MA
    CourtNorfolk Superior Court
    Court Address
    Field Date03/20/2000
    Close Date04/21/2009
  • Parties

    Patricia R. Rich, Esquire Sharon R. Schawbel, Esquire
    Merek Rubin
    Vincent J. Pisegna, Esquire
    John E. Murray, Jr.
    Vincent J. Pisegna, Esquire
    Stephen P. Hopkins
    Vincent J. Pisegna, Esquire
    Paul C. Ryan
    Anthony M. Doniger, Esquire
    Olympic Adhesives, Inc.
    Entry Date Paper Entry Text
    02/02/2009 #1 Entered.
    02/02/2009 #2 Notice of entry sent.
    02/02/2009 #3 MOTION to waive entry fee, filed by Olympic Adhesives, Inc.
    02/05/2009 #4 RE#2: Denied without prejudice to renewal. There is no notice of appeal on record in the trial court for defendant Olympic Adhesives, Inc. see Cummings v. City Council of Gloucester, 28 Mass. App. Ct. 345, 347-349 (1990) (appellant must actually be named in the notice of appeal). The defendant is granted leave to file an amended notice of appeal. Ibid. (Duffly, J.) *Notice.
    02/17/2009 Copy of updated docket sheets received from Norfolk Superior Court with amended notice of appeal, per action on paper #2.
    03/13/2009 MOTION to Dismiss R. 29(B), filed by Merek Rubin.
    03/20/2009 RE#3: Denied without prejudice as a stipulation of dismissal with prejudice. *Notice.
    03/24/2009 Notice preceding dismissal: Rule 17A.
    04/07/2009 ORDER: DISMISSAL under Rule 17A.
    04/21/2009 Notice of dismissal to Trial Court and parties: 17A. (Imaged)