SINAY S. WALKER vs. C. GORDON WALKER 2001-P-1505 Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case Number2001-P-1505
    Case TypeCivil
    StateMassachusetts, MA
    CountyPlymouth Probate & Family
    CourtPlymouth Probate & Family
    Court Address
    Field Date08/17/1994
    Close Date07/22/2002
  • Parties

    Cynthia M. Cayer, Esquire
    Sinay S. Walker
    James Russell Hodgdon, Esquire
    C. Gordon Walker
    Entry Date Paper Entry Text
    10/23/2001 #1 Entered.
    11/02/2001 #2 Conference Project Participation Notice.
    11/26/2001 #3 Notice Preceding Dismissal for failure to submit Conf. Stmt.
    12/05/2001 #4 Conference Statement submitted by Appellant.
    03/07/2002 #5 Returned from Conference Program without stipulation. Notice
    03/07/2002 #6 Brief & Appendix now due 04/16/2002. Notice.
    04/19/2002 #7 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by C. Gordon Walker, w/attach.
    04/22/2002 #8 RE#6: Extension to 05/20/2002 granted for filing of brief of C. Gordon Walker, Defendant/Appellant. No further enlargements. Notice.
    04/23/2002 #9 OPPOSITION to #6 filed by Sinay S. Walker.
    04/23/2002 #10 RE#7 The within is treated as a motion for reconsideration &, upon reconsideration, the action of 4/22/02 (paper #6) is to stand. Notice
    05/20/2002 #11 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by C. Gordon Walker, w/attach.
    05/20/2002 RE#8: Case STAYED to 06/19/2002. Status report due 06/19/2002 regarding the appellant's estate and whether the appeal will proceed. A suggestion of death must be filed forthwith. *Notice.
    05/28/2002 Suggestion of death filed by James Russell Hodgdon, Esquire for C. Gordon Walker.
    06/24/2002 VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL R. 29(B), filed by C. Gordon Walker.
    06/24/2002 RE#10 Denied without pejudice to renewal as a stipulation of dismissal pursuant to MRAP 29(b) signed by all counsel, with prejudice and without costs. *Notice.
    07/19/2002 Stipulation of Dismissal, filed by the parties.
    07/22/2002 RE#11 Approved. Appeal dismissed, pursuant to the within, with prejudice and without costs to any party. *Notice/Attest/Image.