Levi Runnells v. State of Indiana 11A01-1601-CR-00030 Court Case Public Record

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    Case TitleLevi Runnells v. State of Indiana
    Case Number11A01-1601-CR-00030
    Case TypeDirect appeal
    StateIndiana, IN
    CourtCourt of Appeals
    Court Address
    Phone(317) 232-1930
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  • Chronological Case Summary
    Date Event Details Doc
    6/27/2016 Documents Returned from Attorney/Party Party/Atty: Banks, Tyler 1 Vol. Transcript, 1 Vol. Exhibit, 1 Vol. T/C
    6/27/2016 Motion for Leave Attorney: Banks, Tyler Party: State of Indiana to File Belated Brief Certificate of Service- Electronically Served 06/27/16
    6/24/2016 Received Document Receive Date: 06/24/16 Brief of Appellee - Appears to be untimely.
    5/25/2016 Brief and Appendix - Appellant Brief and Appendix - Appellant Attorney: Recker, James Party: Runnells, Levi Volumes of Appendix: One (1) Certificate of Service-Mailed 05/20/16
    5/23/2016 Documents Released to Attorney/Party Party/Atty: Banks, Tyler Volumes of Transcripts 1 Volumes of Exhibits 1 Volumes of T/C 1
    5/20/2016 Notice of Defect Cured Appellant's Brief and Appendix - Certificate of Service with address and updated certficate received
    5/19/2016 Notice of Defect Not Cured Letter Issued Party: Runnells, Levi Serve: Banks, Tyler Serve: Recker, James Certificate of Service for Appellant's Brief and Appendix
    5/19/2016 Document Transmitted
    5/16/2016 Received from Trial Court/Agency Clerk Volumes of Transcripts - One (1) Volumes of Exhibits - One (1) Volumes of T/C - One (1) Received By-Mailed 05/18/16
    5/13/2016 Trial Court Clerk Notified to Transmit Transcript
    5/13/2016 Received Document Receive Date: 05/17/16 Certificate of Service - address has been included, however an additional certificate of service to show it was served was not tendered.
    5/11/2016 Notice of Defect Issued Party: Runnells, Levi Serve: Recker, James Serve: Zoeller, Gregory Appellant's Brief and Appendix - certificate of service does not list party address
    5/11/2016 Appearance by Deputy AG DAG: Banks, Tyler Party: State of Indiana Certificate of Service-Mailed 05/11/16
    5/11/2016 Document Transmitted
    4/27/2016 Received Document Receive Date: 05/10/16 Appellant's Brief and Appendix - Postmark date is 4/27/16 - Certificate of Services does not include address of party served
    3/28/2016 Received Court Reporter's Notice of Filing of Transcript Received on: 03/30/16
    3/28/2016 Notice of Completion of Transcript Certificate of Service-Mailed 03/28/2016
    1/15/2016 Notice of Completion of Clerk's Record Transcript Not Yet Completed Certificate of Service-Mailed 01/14/16
    1/8/2016 Filing Fee Not Paid/Rule 40 Compliance Missing
    1/4/2016 Notice of Appeal Filed Attorney: Recker, James Party: Runnells, Levi Certificate of Service-Mailed 01/04/16