STATE OF TENNESSEE v. JARRETT DUNN E2014-01946-CCA-R3-CD Court Case Public Record

  • Details

    Case NumberE2014-01946-CCA-R3-CD
    Case TypeAppellate Case
    StateTennessee, TN
    CountyMcMinn County
    CourtMcMinn County Criminal Court
    Court AddressAdministrative Office of the Courts 511 Union Street, Suite 600 Nashville, TN 37219
    Phone(615) 741-2687 | (800) 448-7970
    Field Date11/14/2014
    Close Date10/08/2014
  • Parties

    Pro Se
    Dunn, Jarrett
    Ball, Benjamin A.
    State of Tennessee
  • Case Overview
    Style Trial Court Trial Court Judge Trial Court No. Inter. Case No.
    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. JARRETT DUNN McMinn County Criminal Court Freiberg, Andrew M. 2003CR110,2000CR337,2003CR112
  • Case Milestones
    Description Date
    Appeal Filed 10/08/2014
    Record Filed 11/14/2014
    Appellant(s) Briefing Complete 11/14/2014
    Appellee(s) Briefing Complete 01/14/2015
    Oral Argument/Submission Opinion
    Panel Affirmed
    Decision Date 03/31/2015
    Decision Type
    Appeal to S. Ct. Date
    Closed Date
  • Parties
    Names Role Counsel
    Dunn, Jarrett Appellant/Defendant Pro Se
    State of Tennessee Appellee/Plaintiff Ball, Benjamin A.
  • Case History
    Date Event Filer PDF
    03/31/2015 Appellate Record-Sent to Local Archive State of Tennessee (Appellee/Plaintiff) PDF PDF
    03/31/2015 Mandate-Issued John H. Bledsoe
    01/14/2015 Opinion-Filed Dunn, Jarrett, Pro Se (Appellant/Defendant)
    01/14/2015 Appellate Record-Checked In from Court Dunn, Jarrett, Pro Se (Appellant/Defendant)
    12/23/2014 Appellate Record-Checked Out to Court Dunn, Jarrett, Pro Se (Appellant/Defendant)
    12/01/2014 Motion-Affirm Pursuant to CCA Rule 20
    12/01/2014 Appellate Record-Checked In
    11/17/2014 Appellate Record-Checked Out
    11/14/2014 Case Status-APPELLANT BRIEFING COMPLETE
    11/14/2014 Brief-Appellant's Brief Filed
    11/14/2014 Appellate Record-Original Filed
    10/27/2014 Brief-Appellant's Brief Premature
    10/08/2014 Initiating Document-TRAP 3 Notice of Appeal
  • Record Information
    Volume Type Volumes Record Type
    Technical Record 1 Original